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The words “lyophilization” or “freeze drying” are not common in our routine, but the products with this technology are! Every time we prepare or eat an instant noodles, an instant soup, a cereal bar and many other foods we are consuming freeze dried food.

IBL – Industria Boliviana de Liofilización supplies freeze dried food for many customers. Besides the lyophilization of foods to other companies as primal material for their products, IBL has its own product line in the market. Our “BITS” fruits are fry free, 100% natural product, no sugar or chemical preservatives added. The fruits are selected since the very first moment at the harvest, peeled and sliced to immediately enter in the high vacuum drying process. This process occurs on low temperatures making sure that only the water is taken out, keeping the fruits nutrients in a very high concentration. When you eat BITS you are tasting a healthy food that mixes the flavor and taste of the very fruit with all nutrition facts, guarantying the reposition of most vitamins, proteins and mineral salts you need every day. There are three delicious flavors: APPLE, BANANA and PINEAPPLE.

Our “BITS fruits” are available in South America in 20 grams bags, sized as 16,0 cm x 13,0 cm x 3,0 cm. For resellers BITS bags are supplied in cardboard boxes (70 bags per box), sized as 32,0 cm x 62,5 cm x 19,5 cm.


Freeze dried foods are the most reliable source of dehydrated food for big companies that uses it on their products. Those foods are high nutritive quality and ease to handle. IBL has technology and know-how to lyophilizes almost every kind of food, and supply its products to companies in Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and USA.

For bulk shipment the foods are delivered in tri-laminated metallic plastic (polypropylene) + cardboard box sized as 32,0 cm x 62,5 cm x 19,5 cm. The amount per box depends on the kind of food – 3 to 5 kg per box for sliced foods and 10 to 15 kg for powdered food.

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