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IBL – Industria Boliviana de Liofilizacion is the very unique company in Bolivia dedicated to FOOD LYOPHILIZATION, also known as FREEZE DRYING, a high tech process to took out the water (moisture) from foods in a high vacuum environment and very low temperatures, keeping the nutritional values untouched, as flavor and taste.

This way IBL is able to supply the national and international market with 100% natural foods, no sugar, colorants or chemicals preservatives. Our foods are also fry free and gluten free – just the food itself, without water. Special mention must be done to our ORGANIC FREEZE DRYED FRUITS, USDA certified by German company CERES. IBL is already supplying organic BANANA, MANGO, CAMU-CAMU, ACAI (or açaí), PASSION FRUIT, CINNAMON and ACEROLA – other fruits are in certification process, as apple, pineapple, papaya and strawberry.

The IBL’s facility is placed at Warnes, 27 km from Santa Cruz de La Sierra – Bolivia. This new venture of Grupo Cuellar – a company with more than 25 years experience in agribusiness – was able to develop in Bolivia a high tech industrial line to dehydration of almost any kind of food, supplying products with excellent cost / quality ratio.

IBL supply al Bolivian market, directly employing 60 people as more 200 people in indirect jobs, helping the economic development of our country. IBL’s own product line – BITS – can be found in whole country in big supermarket chains and natural foods stores. Our bulk production is used by other companies as prime material for a large range of products, as noodles, cereal bars, instant meals, etc. But most of this bulk production is exported to USA, Europe and Asia.

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